We offer professional mix and master services for any project type. Whether the material has been recorded in our studio or elsewhere, we work with our customers in an open atmosphere where feedback is very welcome with an aim to satisfy everyone involved in the process. What we won’t do is simply take your song and present you with an unquestionable interpretation of your music, without any input from you. To us, your satisfaction is of utmost importance.



Our approach to mixing and mastering is to use a combination of analogue and digital technology, we feel this hybrid approach gives the best all round result. Our control room features a collection of outboard gear and effects including a legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo, and numerous plugins by Waves among others.


We charge for mixing and mastering services on a song by song basis, which includes unlimited tweaks and revisions. Please get in touch for current prices.

What we offer:

* Professional mixdowns to any format
* Hybrid analogue / digital sound
* Unlimited tweaks and revisions
* Mastering for digital and physical formats
* DDP master for error-free CD Duplication