Soundworks News

We have lots of exciting news here at Soundworks!

For bands who regular rehearse here, we have some exciting new offers:

  • Regular bookings get perks of a free room recording of the last 30mins every 3 rehearsals and half an hours recording time every 5 rehearsals they have.

Next in line for our studio refurb is a renovated live room, in which we plan to make more visual friendly for such things as our karaoke parties for Hen and Student Groups. Complete with new sealed vocal booth, and also we are planning a kitchen area in our lobby.

For our voiceover customers, we now offer 1 hour slots, perfect for voice actors looking to do quick work or to brush up on their talents.

Studio Refurbishment News!

Greetings to all

We have recently refurbished our control room, and will soon be getting our bathroom refurbished also. We’ve made plenty of other upgrades too, including a new Mac Pro with Logic X and the latest Cubase and Pro Tools.

On the commercial voice over side, we are now a Source Connect enabled studio, allowing us to connect with ISDN lines anywhere in the world. Coupled with our super-fast fibre broadband connection, this allows us to have stable real-time communication between producers and voice over artists!

It’s an exciting year ahead for us at Soundworks, so please get in touch for all your recording / rehearsal needs.

Soundworks News 19/12/17

As the year comes to a close, we look at recent news and have a look back at the varied and interesting year that we have had here at Soundworks Recording Studio.

We’ve decided to head into 2018 with some great offers for our loyal customers:

  • JANUARY SALE!!! 20% off all recording time booked through January
  • DISCOUNT ON CONSECUTIVE BULK BOOKINGS!  £10 off the overall day rate, for each consecutive day booked (5 day limit)
  • REHEARSE TO RECORD DEAL! – 1 hour free recording time in the bank for every 5 band rehearsals booked!

WMN – Tiece’s

We’ve been excited about this finally hitting the shelves for quite a while now and at last it is available. Tiece is going from strength to strength at the moment. As one half of the great duo, Girlhood, she has been receiving attention from major radio stations and media outlets. It’s not surprising, as her effortlessly haunting and beautiful voice is literally music to the ears of anyone who has the pleasure of hearing her.

She is also very busy working with other groups and artists, being part of the Inner Peace Collective, Rhymeskeemz & the P45s and constantly working with other artists. Her smooth transitions between genres and styles just add to her impressive talent. This is the first of her solo projects, featuring instrumentals that she made herself and amazing lyrics that are personal to her. We are very proud to have been a part of this production and seriously recommend that you head straight over to to see what EVERYONE’s talking about.



This  groovy Oxford-based  funk/reggae rock band that writes, records and performs great original material. They have an instantly recognizable sound, brought to you by the talented and energetic musicans who thrive on putting on great live shows. This really comes across in their new album. The production side is finished now and we’re very pleased with how it’s sounding. We cant wait to see what happens with  the album when it is  released next year!

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End of year Sum-up

It’s been an amazing year at Soundworks and we would like to thank all of our customers for their amazing talent and time over the year. When we listen back through the year’s projects there have been so much great music recorded from so many different genres.

To name a few, it’s been brilliant working with: Emma Danelon, Richard Barnett, Steevo, Sarah Stirk &, Febeuder, The Mayday Trust, The Autumn Saints, Juliet and the Raging Romeos, Naomi Pacific, Zuzana, Sergey, Tiece, Simon Justice, The Slapheads Acapela Group, MC Rami, MC Younis, The Deadbeat Apostles, Ghosts in the Photographs, Dave Gardener, Roy Magara, Society,  Egrets, The Beckoning Fairones, at Amiss, The Leys CDI, Rodney P, Ocean Ruins, Asher Dust, Lamps Collective, Bizzy T, Booka T, TuKalm, Godz Forte, Deltaviolin, Lubna, John Baker, MC Side, Preacherman, Kicks, Stolby, Last Picture Show, Zen Lewis, Rhymeskeemz & the P45s, Old Ernie, Ben Ousey, Space Church, Think Project and anyone else who I’ve forgotten! That list is just off the top of my head.

We look forward to recording and producing more amazing local music next year.


From the Soundworks team

Soundworks News 30/8/2017

It’s the end of the Summer and we’ve been quite busy here at Soundworks, a number of artists we’ve been working with have their releases out. Check out some of them below:

Deadbeat Apostles – “Deadbeat Apostles 2”

Hailing from Oxford, Deadbeat Apostles are an Americana band with a fiery delta blues / country edge. They recorded their latest EP with us, which has just been released:

The Beckoning Fair Ones – “TBFO”

Also from Oxford, The Beckoning Fair Ones recently recorded their 2nd EP with us. Punk rock with synths, and plenty of passion.

Naomi Pacific – “Life Is Not a Giggle”

Naomi is a talented singer / songwriter who also plays guitar. We worked with her on her latest EP, adding extra production to her songs.

If you require recording, voiceover, live sound engineering, pa hire or tuition please get in touch!

All the best from us.

Soundworks News 1/7/2017

Hello all.

We have some great news, our two new guitar isolation booths are fully operational and ready to use. This is a great option for bands who prefer to record live with their favourite amps, the booths allowing full separation between instruments during the session.

We now also have a fully acoustically treated control room with our own hand made absorber panels. We can also make these on request, please get in touch for more info!

Our one-on-one tuition sessions are now available for anyone who wants to learn more about sound engineering, covering music production all the way to microphone placement and sound theory.

In addition, we are now providing instrument tuition for students of piano and guitar at beginners level. Please get in touch for more info if you want to learn more!

Here’s some of our latest band projects in the works:

  • Old Ernie (Album)
  • Storyteller (Album)
  • Asher Dust (Album)
  • Space Church (Album)
  • The Beckoning Fair Ones (EP)
  • Ocean Ruins (EP)

The Autumn Saints have released their EP recorded with us, since our last post. Check out and purchase their amazing blend of americana and indie post-punk here

Enjoy the summer!

Soundworks News 13/04/17

Easter is looming and there’s plenty going on at Soundworks.

We are building two new isolation booths for guitar amps. This will be a godsend for bands who want to record everything live with complete separation between instruments. We expect to have them finished in the next week!

In the near future we are planning to short training courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production with our AQA qualifications (see

Here are some of the bands and artists we are working with on projects at the moment:

  • The Deadbeat Apostles
  • Tiece
  • Old Ernie
  • Egrets


And some we have recently finished…

  • Febueder
  • Juliet And The Raging Romeos
  • Ghosts In The Photographs
  • The Autumn Saints

And as always we continue to work with the local community on Youth and Homeless people’s projects.

If you have any projects that need recording, mixing or mastering, or if you need live sound engineers for your event don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Latest News from Soundworks

We hope that your new year is getting off to a good start, ours certainly is! We have just had confirmation that we will be working on two great community projects this year. One with the local youth service and the other with the pioneering homeless charity Mayday Trust. We like to do our bit for the community whilst providing a great recording service for people from all walks of life.

Plans are also going ahead to start up accredited courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production just like we used to do! Many local producers and artists started off on a Soundworks course back in the day. Group or one on one lessons will be available.  Dates will be announced soon!

We are looking forward to sessions this month with  Tessa Bailey Cavanna, Febueder, Seeka and the Barnett Bros to name a few.

Tessa also goes by the name Tiece. She is an amazingly talented singer and works in a variety of styles. Check out her Soundcloud here:

Febueder are an astounding band from Ascot with their own unique spin on alternative / indie. We think these experimental and exceptional musicians are destined for big things.







Seeka has recently appeared at Soundworks out of nowhere towards the end of last year and has been causing a stir ever since. His profound, hard hitting lyrics have been exciting anyone who hears them, and sound like the words of a man a lot older than 21. He has already recorded a full LP at Soundworks which is getting released early this year and includes a collaboration with local heavy weight artist Zen Lewis on the track “Running”. Seeka is already starting his second project for 2017. Look out for his single, Murdered By, coming out soon

All the best,

Danny & Umair

Soundworks in the new year

Happy holidays everyone…

2016 has been an exciting year for Soundworks Recording Studio! The new partnership between Danny and Umair, website and refurb are firmly in place. We have been spoilt with a great selection of different bands and artists from multiple genres to work with. We look forward to 2017 and to a lot more happy customers. We pride ourselves in getting the exact sound and mix that the customer hoped for when they first decided to record.

Recent customers include Indica Blues, Tom Ivey Band, The Aureate Act, Sleeper’s Dome, The Autumn Saints, Rhymeskeemz, Tessa Bailey Cavanna, Febueder, 1210 Zen, Black Skies Burn, Seeka, Ghosts In The Photographs, Juliet And The Raging Romeos… and the list goes on.

With a passion for recording and mixing, Soundworks is dedicated to providing constant care, attention, quality and value to our customers. Check out some recently recorded material and get in touch for great deals on day bookings at:


Our list of services:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Rehearsals
  • Equipment Hire
  • Live Sound Services