Soundworks News 30/8/2017

It’s the end of the Summer and we’ve been quite busy here at Soundworks, a number of artists we’ve been working with have their releases out. Check out some of them below:

Deadbeat Apostles – “Deadbeat Apostles 2”

Hailing from Oxford, Deadbeat Apostles are an Americana band with a fiery delta blues / country edge. They recorded their latest EP with us, which has just been released:

The Beckoning Fair Ones – “TBFO”

Also from Oxford, The Beckoning Fair Ones recently recorded their 2nd EP with us. Punk rock with synths, and plenty of passion.

Naomi Pacific – “Life Is Not a Giggle”

Naomi is a talented singer / songwriter who also plays guitar. We worked with her on her latest EP, adding extra production to her songs.

If you require recording, voiceover, live sound engineering, pa hire or tuition please get in touch!

All the best from us.