Soundworks News 1/7/2017

Hello all.

We have some great news, our two new guitar isolation booths are fully operational and ready to use. This is a great option for bands who prefer to record live with their favourite amps, the booths allowing full separation between instruments during the session.

We now also have a fully acoustically treated control room with our own hand made absorber panels. We can also make these on request, please get in touch for more info!

Our one-on-one tuition sessions are now available for anyone who wants to learn more about sound engineering, covering music production all the way to microphone placement and sound theory.

In addition, we are now providing instrument tuition for students of piano and guitar at beginners level. Please get in touch for more info if you want to learn more!

Here’s some of our latest band projects in the works:

  • Old Ernie (Album)
  • Storyteller (Album)
  • Asher Dust (Album)
  • Space Church (Album)
  • The Beckoning Fair Ones (EP)
  • Ocean Ruins (EP)

The Autumn Saints have released their EP recorded with us, since our last post. Check out and purchase their amazing blend of americana and indie post-punk here

Enjoy the summer!

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