Latest News from Soundworks

We hope that your new year is getting off to a good start, ours certainly is! We have just had confirmation that we will be working on two great community projects this year. One with the local youth service and the other with the pioneering homeless charity Mayday Trust. We like to do our bit for the community whilst providing a great recording service for people from all walks of life.

Plans are also going ahead to start up accredited courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production just like we used to do! Many local producers and artists started off on a Soundworks course back in the day. Group or one on one lessons will be available.  Dates will be announced soon!

We are looking forward to sessions this month with  Tessa Bailey Cavanna, Febueder, Seeka and the Barnett Bros to name a few.

Tessa also goes by the name Tiece. She is an amazingly talented singer and works in a variety of styles. Check out her Soundcloud here:

Febueder are an astounding band from Ascot with their own unique spin on alternative / indie. We think these experimental and exceptional musicians are destined for big things.







Seeka has recently appeared at Soundworks out of nowhere towards the end of last year and has been causing a stir ever since. His profound, hard hitting lyrics have been exciting anyone who hears them, and sound like the words of a man a lot older than 21. He has already recorded a full LP at Soundworks which is getting released early this year and includes a collaboration with local heavy weight artist Zen Lewis on the track “Running”. Seeka is already starting his second project for 2017. Look out for his single, Murdered By, coming out soon

All the best,

Danny & Umair