524850_10151330167349631_41912138_nLive Sound Services

At Soundworks we love live sound, and cater for a large variety of live situations from gigs/festivals/discos to corporate events.

We are able to provide a PA system, staging and lights if needed (please check the gear hire page for details) or simply use an existing setup.

In any case you can be sure our service always sounds great and is always dependable and professional.

Hen Party Recording Session

All girls love to sing! This increasingly popular package is a great way to start off the best girls night out of your life. choose, 2 of your favourite songs, then come and sing them as a group in the studio.

14355127_10100460148063400_7587064935110918042_nBirthday Recording Session

If your son, daughter or friend enjoy singing, why not buy them their own recording session? Come and celebrate your birthday at Soundworks, sing your favourite songs, and leave with your own CD at the end of the session. A great birthday activity, and lots of fun to be had after, listening to your CD with friends and relatives.

Charity / Community Projects

Ever since David Norland built Soundworks in 2004, we have always prided ourselves on being an active part of the local community. We support local groups/events, and love to be involved with local projects that benefit the community. Over the years we have been involved with countless projects and services such as:

  • B-Tech National Diplomas and courses
  • Youth Services from around the county
  • Local events and Promotions
  • Homeless and Mental Health projects

Please get in touch if you are interested in running a project of this nature.


babyheadphones-500x281Record a Lulaby

Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, can sing and record a lullaby or bed time story that your loved one will be able to enjoy now and in future…
We record you singing so that you can play it to your baby when he or she needs to settle to sleep. It is proven that babies benefit from listening to their mum’s voice as they are used to hearing it from within the womb during pregnancy.

For more info on pricing, contact us for a quote.